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Groomers and their booked-up schedules

No matter where you look, pet groomers never seem to have any availability; at least the good ones. After calling around and finding someone that does have time, you question yourself and begin looking for Google reviews.

We also have the same dilemma, when we go to our own hair stylist as we want to deal with people that we know and trust. People that have a good reputation in the industry. The only difference is that when we drop off our beloved fur babies to the groomer, we say goodbye and hope for the best. Most importantly we wonder if they are being treated with the same level of love and care that they are used to.

Now a new guy located in Sharon Ontario is using technology to change the entire

process. Clients simply book their own appointments based on the availability of the online calendar and pay online to reserve the time and service. The clients can even watch their pet being groomed as it happens through their website or mobile app.

Mike from Sharon Spa says that he's a problem solver and wanted to create an easier way for people to manage their dog or cat grooming appointments. He then realized that offering pet owners the option to watch a live video of their pet being groomed, would offer peace of mind; especially when deciding to go to a new groomer.

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